Patrick Hockberger

music educator / composer




43 toddlers, 43 guns, 43 episodes
produced by patrick hockberger

“easily one of the most creative podcasts ever.”
- jay soderberg, former head of podcasts at espn

"heartbreaking... hauntingly beautiful and incredibly important"
-jessie, between two earbuds

“a brand new art form...  who has done a podcast opera before?”
-george cederquist, opera box score

"chilling... each episode is released exactly a year after the moment the gun went off."
-syd shaw, north by northwestern

Sound Design

a reimagining of bbc's planet earth 2
music & sound: patrick hockberger



by Patrick Hockberger & Matt Kania

video game soundtrack

Ice Worlds

music & sound: patrick hockberger
original video: bbc's planet earth

Babies & Beats

sound design: patrick hockberger
music: rush by quintino


Patrick Hockberger

is a music education masters student at the University of Illinois with a choral concentration. At Northwestern University he received a BM in Music Composition and an MA in Sound Arts & Industries. He worked for six years with Paul Caldwell at the Youth Choral Theater of Chicago, interned at 98.7 WFMT, teaches private voice, piano, and guitar, coached middle school track & field, taught preschool music, and music directed children’s musicals.